Master Key Experience- Week 14-Queen of Myself!

Happy New Year! And welcome to a new year, and the start of a brand new decade! I am so very excited about all the good things to come this year and the nine to follow. On this New year’s Day, I feel as though I am just overflowing with promise and possibility!

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The end of 2019 marked a pivotal anniversary for me and I felt the best way to share it here, was to simply copy and paste from my Facebook business page-so here it is.

I AM celebrating…me! Yesterday marked the 2 year anniversary of my moving into the beautiful home that I AM blessed enough to live in, alone. I chose better for myself. I loved and valued myself enough to realize that I deserved only the best that life has to offer, and that I was responsible for my own happiness. So I became the Queen of my own life, and began building my Kingdom.

*I continued the process of deep soul work, allowed healing to come, gave grace to others, who I truly believe were and are doing the best they can, where they are, with what they have. Really, aren’t we all?

* I bought my FIRST EVER brand new car! I paid cash for it and did not bring a Cashier’s Check. I had saved and waited my whole life for this, I wanted to joy of watching them count out, in front of me, hundreds of $100 bills! To this day, I am still filled with so much gratitude every time I get into it!

* I purchased a 34′ motorhome that I actually began manifesting 20 years ago! (Before I ever knew anything manifestation and the Law of Attraction!) If I had gotten out of my own way sooner, It would have arrived sooner!

*I traveled to Madison, VA, Sedona, AZ (twice), New Orleans, Denver, CO, Peru (Sacred Valley), Kauai, HI.

* I became a Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer, and the following year was a Trailblazer speaker at the annual training event.

* I learned to ace solo travel whether by land, or air.

* In June of this year, I purchased the building that houses my home and my business. Again, so much gratitude every single time I step through the door! It never gets old.

* I have increased my client base, added new services, taught Reiki classes, taught Infinite Possibilities workshops, facilitated our monthly Sacred Drum Circle, continued my Shamanic Training, made so many new friends, re-established healthy relationships with family members, weathered the storms of losing loved ones  , and more.

*If you’ve read this far, and think it all sounds a little “braggy”, I would apologize if I were sorry, but I’m not. We have been culturally programmed and conditioned NOT to love ourselves, NOT to be openly proud of our achievements, NOT to celebrate the awesomeness of our own being! And I, for one am over it!
Someone recently said to me “oh my goodness, you’re such a ‘survivor’ !” There was a time when that was true. I no longer survive…I THRIVE! Nothing but love and gratitude for all of the blessings in my life; physical, material, spiritual, and emotional 

Image may contain: one or more people, possible text that says 'ALWAYS WEAR YOUR INVISIBLE CROWN'
Visible is okay, too!

 ** Teaser- Soon I will begin writing a book. I knew a year ago what the title would be. I’ll share it so you’re sure to recognize it when it is released. It will be called “How I Became the Queen of Myself and Built My Own Kingdom” I’ll be counting on all of you to help make it a bestseller! 

Opening Og Mandino’s- The Greatest Salesman in the World today, was such a beautiful affirmation of so many thoughts, feelings and emotions that I have been swirling around in my head and my heart this past week or so. “You are nature’s greatest miracle.” Thank you, Mr. Mandino. You’re words are always amazing and timely.


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